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Handling & Warehousing

State of the Art CSI Flooring Warehousing Facility owned by Carpet Services is 20,000 square feet.

  • Materials received in warehouse are checked for defect, quantities consistence with purchase order, tagged, and shelved.
  • Material is signed for before going out for delivery.
  • Project follow up: material attic stock can be identified and left on site or returned to our warehouse for storage.
CSI Flooring Warehousing


Every successful project begins with an accurate estimate. Our team provides precise material estimates so that our clients are equipped to make cost-effective decisions to get the job done right—and on budget. Our General Contractor clients rely on us to provide timely and competitive bids on a regular basis. Carpet Services has a dedicated, fully computerized Estimating Department employing the most up-to-date technology to ensure accuracy and precision on every job.  We utilize the latest version of the Callidus Software for our estimates.

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Design & Consultation

At Carpet Services, we recommend the ideal materials for your project. C.S.I.’s experienced team of Sales Associates have relationships with every leading manufacturer, and will consult with you on all of the latest product options and innovations, saving you hours of research time. You will receive precise material estimates, with numerous scenarios and budgets, so you are equipped to make cost-effective, educated decisions.

In support of our environment, our Sales Associates can assist you with product selections that will contribute to your LEED certification process, and inform you about other innovative flooring solutions and services that will contribute to a more sustainable design.

Our carpet and flooring solutions include:

  • Carpet Tile and Broadloom
  • Vinyl and Rubber Surfaces
  • Specialty Flooring
  • Finished and Coated Concrete Surfaces
  • Furniture Lift Systems
  • Hardwood
  • Natural Flooring Solutions
  • Entryway Protection Systems
  • Raised Access Flooring

As an independent dealer we can not only help you find the material you are after, but also offer you a neutral opinion about all of the products of interest.  So, no matter what your imagination calls for, Carpet Services will offer you the right products to make your project come to life. We offer the following services to custom fit any of our clients’ needs.


Lift System Saves Installation Time & Cost

Professional furniture lift systems, like the one C.S.I. has used for years, dramatically reduce the time, expense, and hassle of installing flooring in occupied commercial spaces.

How Our Lift System Works:

We remove the carpet surrounding the workstations in phases and provide a detailed, color-coded print of each floor showing you what areas we will replace each evening. Our schedule is thoroughly reviewed with your staff and can be tailored to best fit your needs.

All your employees need to do is pack personal items (we provide boxes), unload any overhead bins, and disconnect office equipment. We lift the furniture, remove the existing carpet, and install new carpet tile. C.S.I.’s professional teams can take-up and install approximately 250 sq.yds. (1,500 to 2,000 sq.ft.) per day; an average 20,000-sq.ft. floor can be replaced in two weeks.

To minimize disruption, we typically provide this service in the evening, although it can be performed during the day if the space is unoccupied. In addition, in unoccupied spaces, we can utilize a new installation technique that does not require adhesives.

Our Lift System can cut installation costs by more than half – and reduce installation time to one-sixth of the time traditionally required.