Our Team

At the helm of Carpet Services are Sam Prager and Jon Schneider.  Both take an active role in the day to day operations and sales of the company.

The men and women that make up the C.S.I. team work together to provide informed product selection assistance, excellent project management, and unparalleled installation services to every client we work for. We believe this teamwork is the key to successfully completing every flooring project we work on – no matter how simple or complex.

With C.S.I. on the job you can rest assured that the people installing your floor not only take pride in their work, but take pride in their company and its hard earned reputation. Our professional installers and technicians are trained with the skills needed to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Jon Schneider

Began his floor covering career in 1986 with the original Carpet Services. John has been a co-owner of Carpet Services for over 20 years. He previously held positions in sales and management for one of the largest commercial flooring companies in the United States.  He has been involved in projects of all sizes and complexities.  Jon is also active in several local professional groups. He is a 1985 graduate of Texas A&M.  Jon and his wife reside in Dallas.

Sam Prager

Started his floor covering career as an intern working as an in house courier with the original Carpet Services.  Upon graduation from the University of Oklahoma, in May of 1993, with a degree in Marketing, Sam began his career of servicing and selling with C.S.I. Dallas. He has been a co-owner of Carpet Services for over 20 years.  He has been a business and community leader and has a proven track record with a numerous amount of high profile clients and projects. Sam, his wife, and two children reside in Dallas.

Mark Lee

Began his flooring career in 1988.  In that time his job titles have included Installation Service Manager and Estimator.  His background as an installation mechanic has proven to be invaluable to all parties involved in a project.  He is very aware of what a good client expects, and has gained much needed respect and trust throughout the years.

Craig Yates
Operations Manager

Craig’s strategic planning and operational expertise drive the efficiency and success of CSI Flooring. With experience owning his own installation operation crew, Craig ensures that our projects are executed flawlessly from start to finish.

Anthea Schneider - - CSI Commercial Flooring - VP of Accounting

Anthea Schneider
VP of Accounting

Anthea’s meticulous attention to detail and financial expertise keep our operations running smoothly. She is responsible for maintaining transparent financial records and ensuring that our business operates with utmost efficiency.

Robert Jegstrup
Warehouse Manager

Robert’s exceptional organizational skills and expertise in logistics play a crucial role in ensuring that our inventory is well-managed, materials are readily available, and projects are executed seamlessly.

Robert Jegstrup - - CSI Commercial Flooring - Warehouse Manager
Garrett Schneider - - CSI Commercial Flooring - Sales & Marketing

Garrett Schneider
& Marketing

Garrett’s extensive knowledge of commercial flooring materials and trends, combined with his exceptional communication skills, ensures that our clients receive tailored solutions that perfectly align with their needs.